Construction Professionals

We have a long-standing history of assisting construction professionals with their tax filings as well as providing advice with regard to business operations, employee relations, benefits, financial ratios and more.

Our advice and assistance with management will empower you to grow and develop your business into a legacy that will support your family for generations to come

EXPECT MORE in how we set up your taxes

  • We look at how you collect your income (invoicing, 1099, cash etc.)
  • We make sure your entity is structured to minimize tax
  • We analyze pay to partners, sub-contractors and employees
  • We confirm your cost of goods sold ratios
  • We affirm that insurance policies are in place to protect you and your team
  • We assist with implementing tax strategies to solidify long term growth and profitability

Our experience and expertise is applied across various construction disciplines:

  • General Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Property Remediation
  • Remodeling