Who We Serve

Our firm is devoted to providing professional solutions to all organizations.

Here at K&R Tax you can EXPECT MORE

EXPECT MORE as we partner with you in an industry of continuous change. We work closely with professionals across many health care disciplines, helping you to understand and manage the operational and financial nuances of your business.
With over 100 collective years of experience, be confident that we will guide you through the industry changes and enhance your strategic position to maximize your future earnings and quality of life.

Health Care Industries We Serve

Construction Professionals

We have a long-standing history of assisting construction professionals with their tax filings as well as providing advice with regard to business operations, employee relations, benefits, financial ratios and more.Our advice and assistance with management will empower you to grow and develop your business into a legacy that will support your family for generations to come.

Real Estate

Have confidence in your relationship with the K&R Team as we merge our expertise with yours to manage the details and changes in the real estate cycles and the operational and strategic opportunities within your industry. 

Professional Services

Like you, we’re a professional services business; hence, we understand the importance of relationships, high value deliverables and unique administrative and operational challenges. Over the years we have assisted law firms and attorneys, insurance agencies and marketing and consulting firms achieve greater value.