Accounting and Advisory Services

Financial reports provide insights into the health of a business. At K&R, we offer a range of Accounting and Advisory services to fit the diverse needs of over 200 clients across sizes and industries

Accounting Services

  • Is your business applying for financing?
  • Are you thinking about selling your business?
  • Whatever your goals are, the first step is developing accurate financial statements.

We serve businesses across a range of needs. Some clients need help tracking income and expenses, and our team has the skill set to do that accurately and efficiently. For other clients, we develop and track key performance indicators to benchmark the growth of the business over time. As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor firm, our team understands how to turn transactions into a powerful source of information for your decision-making. We are excited to discuss how our accounting services can support your success.

Quarterly and Part-Time CFO

As businesses grow, so do their needs for timely, in-depth financial planning. K&R is excited to offer quarterly and part-time CFO packages to allow business owners to focus on do what they do best: running their businesses.

Expertise and Attention:

Our team offers the expertise and attention to detail to provide strategic advice customized for your business’s unique goals. Our services are tailored to each client but can include:

  • Integrated, proactive tax strategy
  • Assessment and improvement of accounting processes including training your in-house team
  • Analysis of prospective opportunities for investment or expansion
  • Analysis of budget and cash flow
  • Developing and implementing processes for a growing team
  • Risk management

Who is a good candidate for a Quarterly CFO client?

  • A business owner who would like more time to focus on the daily operations of their business and less time on finances
  • A business owner who thinks that their accounting system could be more accurate and more efficient
  • A business owner who wants to feel confident making financial decisions

Who is a good candidate for a Part-Time CFO client?

  • A business owner who is experiencing rapid growth and needs to evaluate their financial strategy frequently (packages are flexible and can range from monthly to weekly)
  • A business owner who is not ready to hire a full-time, in-house CFO

K&R is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor

K&R is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor firm and provide monthly accounting services to over 200 businesses. Applying for financing, pondering an acquisition, or thinking about selling your business? It all starts with solid and accurate financial statements.

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