Spotlight on Dulcy M. Buchan

What is your role at K&R?

As a Tax Manager, my role encompasses so much more than preparing and reviewing taxes. I collaborate with other team members on tax strategies. I coordinate with other departments like Accounting and Advisory Services. I build relationships with clients. As K&R continues to expand the financial services that we offer to our clients, I can explore tax strategies with an even fuller understanding of their needs.


What is something in your background that prepared you for the role you have today?


In all seriousness, what I love about tax accounting is the same thing I love about math: I enjoy the challenge of following finite instructions to arrive at finite answers. Completing a project is such a satisfying feeling.


What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team?

Building consensus. One of my greatest strengths is being able to truly listen to two sides. I think listening is important not only to make team members feel heard but also to ensure that we arrive at the best possible conclusion.

With three tax managers at the firm currently, we all bring different experiences to our role. But when we find balance, we bring the best possible outcomes for our clients. That principle applies to all of our working relationships—to our tax preparers, the accounting services team, the owners of the firms, and, ultimately, to the clients. The most important thing I can do as a manager is make sure that our team is working together.


What is your favorite part of your job?

I love that I’m continuously learning.

I’m a lifelong learner. After working in taxes for years, I started college at the age of 42! I’ve since finished my accounting degree, but I hope that I never stop being challenged by my work. As our clients grow their businesses, their tax returns become increasingly complex. The government changes tax procedures year after year, so I have to adapt to new requirements for compliance and opportunities for tax savings.

I’m also learning new things from other departments at K&R. As we provide accounting services to more clients, I’ve really deepened my understanding of QuickBooks so that the financial reporting and tax preparation services we provide work together seamlessly.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is that I get to educate clients, too. Business owners are experts in their fields, but they may not feel as confident about their accounting or tax knowledge. I help them make informed decisions about things like preparing for lending, optimizing their purchases, and funding their retirement savings through their businesses. I hope that my knowledge can be a resource for my clients and my team.


Thanks for everything you do, Dulcy!

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