Employee Spotlight - Jean Godin

What is your role at K&R?

I’m the Accounting and Advisory Services Manager. I was actually hired to create this role, so it’s grown and been refined over the past two years. I think about my job as having two parts: consulting with business owners on their financial goals and managing the team that provides the best suited accounting solutions for their needs.

How has your background prepared you for your role within K&R?

Owning my own business. My wife and I operate a restaurant with two locations in the Phoenix area, so when I speak to business owners I do so with a personal level of understanding. I understand the pressure of meeting payroll for employees every two weeks, or the challenges of working with vendors.
Another experience that I am so grateful for is the time I served as a missionary. Those two years taught me how to speak and connect with people. As a native French speaker from Canada, serving in Mexico presented a challenge that allowed me to grow as a person. Now, I welcome the opportunity to interact with a range of people every day.

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team?

As I mentioned, I was hired to create my role. At the time, the department was fledgling, and the owners were not convinced that offering ongoing accounting services outside of tax preparation aligned with the direction of the firm. Since then, however, Accounting and Advisory Services has grown to reach over two hundred clients served by five additional employees. Our team has proven that we provide value to the firm and, ultimately, to our clients.
In a way, I view our department’s biggest accomplishment as paving the way for the growing range of services we offer. We’ve gained a deeper understanding of our clients and served them better by offering estate planning, wealth management, and business entity structure and compliance. I’m excited to see us continue to build relationships with our clients.

What have been your biggest accomplishments on our team?

I love that my day is different every single day. My job requires me to shift between meeting with CFO clients, making consulting calls, reviewing books, and training my team. Developing this flexibility has challenged me to grow as a manager and an accountant.
I also enjoy the opportunity to interact with people every day. Whether I’m speaking with employees, clients, or prospective clients, I am focused on building a relationship underscored by mutual trust and respect.
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