Terrence Burner – Financial Planner

    • Novus was created to change the way you feel about the performance of your investments. Through the review of thousands of portfolios, we know what many advisers are unwilling to admit.
    • Invictus REG prides itself on identifying strong rental markets in the United States. We go into these key markets and find quality communities and neighborhoods to locate properties that need renovations. Invictus has the properties inspected and then repaired with our licensed contractors updating and revitalizing the property to a new standard. Invictus then works with our Property Management partner to find the perfect tenant for the newly renovated property.

Richard Keyt | Lawyer

  • KEYTLaw Firm
    • The KEYTLaw law firm was founded by Phoenix attorney Richard Keyt in 2001. Rick has been practicing Arizona law since 1980. He practices primarily in the areas of business law, contracts, commercial transactions, entity formations (5,800+ LLCs formed since 1992), nonprofit corporations and charitable organizations, estate planning (Wills & Trusts), probate and asset protection.Rick represents start up companies and established businesses with respect to a wide variety of business legal matters such as forming new companies, commercial contracts of all types and general legal issues.  He assists companies in adopting Buy Sell Agreements, a document that is essential for all valuable companies because it contains the owners’ exit strategy after a death, disability or other triggering event.

Mark J. Kohler | CPA and Tax Lawyer

  • S-Corp Strategy
    • When it comes to tax strategies for entrepreneurs, I am convinced that the S-Corporation (S-Corp) is one of the most powerful long-term strategies to build upon. The tax benefits, audit protection and foundation for other tax deductions are absolutely amazing in an S-Corp. Frankly, it’s because the S-Corp is so financially efficient for the small-business owner.So for those of you that are already S-Corps, this is the time of year to dial in your salary level. See my Payroll Matrix and suggestions on how to peg the perfect salary amount for your situation below.
      For those who haven’t quite caught the vision or potential of the S-Corp, let me make a few important points and explain some of the benefits you are missing out on.

Bradford Tax Institute

  • Is the S Corporation the Best Tax-Deduction Entity for Your Business?
    • The question: Is the S corporation better than the sole proprietorship, the single-member LLC, and the C corporation as the tax-deduction choice of entity for your business?This is the fourth article in our series on choice of entity, which began with the November 2011 issue.In this article, we explore the tax-deduction advantages and disadvantages of the S corporation.

Tax Foundation

  • The Dual Tax Burden of S Corporations
    • The fasted growing type of pass-through business is the S corporation. S corporations are domestic corporations treated as a pass-through business, meaning that their income is passed directly to their owners who pay taxes on that income. These businesses are only allowed to have 100 shareholders, their shareholders must be U.S. citizens, and they cannot be owned by other businesses.

Kyle Yount | Payroll Specialist with ADP

  • About Kyle
    • I consult with businesses who want to focus on organizational improvement, develop cost-reduction strategies, and improve their operational efficiency. I help those businesses identify their “silos” and “seams”-areas where inefficiencies and profit leaks exist-and provide both products and solutions to mitigate those areas, which ultimately affect the company’s bottom line in a positive way. I do this with an industry-leading technology that is easy and cost-effective for the company to implement. If you are looking for free consultation please feel free to connect or contact my at